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Welcome to Cat Dance

About Us

Cat Dance is ladies only dance studio & Performance Company.

About studio
This is the first and only ladies dance studio in Beijing, taught by foreign professionals. It is a place to cultivate your hidden talents, beauty, and God-given sexiness. Enjoy the touch of temptation!

●  All Classes are taught in English
●  Classes can be personalized
●  Small group sizes
●  A special spinning dance pole imported from the UK

Commercial performance and event planning expert
Cat Dance is a branch of Cicilia Media and Events company. We provide dance classes, commercial performances (Openings, annual parties, cultural performances, exhibitions,sales events, product launches, balls and banquets). Media events, roadshows, planning for large and small scale events, cinematic commercials, PR events and other corporate functions. Under this brand, there is Russian dancer group African dancer group , Super Nature Contemporary dance troupe, and high quality hostesses、models、 acrobats、 jazz bands、Chinese folk bands、singer、percussion bands from all over the world who have appeared on CCTV, American TV and large-scale concerts.

Corporate Events

Cat Dance has substantial experience in organizing classes for corporate events. With a team of teachers from around the world, we can create acts that are truly one of a kind. Our acts include Hula-dancing, Broadway Jazz, Chair Dancing, Belly dancing, Indian Dancing, Cheerleading and various other innovative programs.

---All programs are tailor made for your specific needs.

---Innovative themes with complementary costumes, props and background props.

---Catered for people with no performing experience who want quick results.



Bank of America gala diner


Taobao Tmall





Little image Cici
Pole Dance
Born into a family of Chinese artists, she learned the piano and danced since she was 5. Her understanding of music and her feel of dance created an inseparable bond between her and the art. After mastering the art of pole dancing from the masters in Canada, She believes that dance is sensuous and graceful, and women are endowed with the gift of dance to unravel their sensuality.
Little image Delo
Ballet Lyrical Jazz Broadway jazz Tap Dance
Not often seen in dancers, Delo is adept in many styles of dance. From ballet, to broadway, from tap to jive, swing to hiphop, this American dancer has many tricks up his sleeve. Trained since young, his solid foundation in dance enabled him to master other styles with ease. Watching him dance will make you laugh, cry, excited and most importantly, entertained.
Little image Kim
Broadway Jazz Sexy Jazz Lyrical Jazz
Hailing from Korea, Kim is an all-round talent. Moves from Broadway Jazz to Contemporary and tunes from Chicago to Lady Gaga. Her strong training and rich experience makes her a master in various styles of dance. At times elegant, at times powerful, at other times sexy, Kim’s moves are truly a mirror of the heart and soul.

Little image Cheng
Pole Dance
With the body of a goddess, envy-worthy muscle definition, and the occasional bruises, Cheng proves to be a passionate pole dancer. It’s true that good things come in small packages, because Cheng’s powerful moves are the core of her everyday battle against gravity. Just with one hand, she can fly, twist, and turn… just like a phoenix that has risen amongst fire.

Little image Vic
Belly Dance
Being a male belly dancer, Vic may not possess the flowing long hair or the curves of a woman. However, Vic does not pale in comparison to any female belly dancer. In his unique style of dance, you’ll find a combination of sweltering sexiness and masculine confidence. Vic will teach you belly dance like you’ve never experienced.

Little image Yue
Cheerleader , Jazz funk, Hiphop
A former professional cheerleader and dancer for the TV and film industry in the US, Yue infuses East Coast and West Coast styles into jazz, funk, and hip hop. Exploding with power and passion, her moves exude energy, girl power, and sensuality. Not for the faint of heart, be prepared to sweat up a storm in Yue’s heart-pounding classes.

Little image Mariam
Belly Dance Tribal Belly dance
She ’s the German Championship & World championship in Tribal-Fusion. Her calm expression and sweltering moves exude an inner fire that distinguishes her from the pretenders. Some say dance is the language of the body. Mariam says that dance is the language of the soul. Truly a volcano in the snow.‍

Little image Olga
Explosive power combined with cool moves, precise timing and sexy grooves. These are elements that make Olga dancer like no other. Her unpredictable popping style will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The Cat Dance Center, since the opening of the children’s dance training division, is devoted to bringing the art, passion and technique of dance to a child’s world. Our program is on par with top international standards, enlisting meticulously-picked English-speaking instructors and carefully constructed curriculums. Not only will your child be exposed to the physical techniques of dance, but he/she will also enjoy the heart and soul behind the art form in a friendly, supportive, and professional environment. Cat Dance Center: making dreams come true.

Types of dance:

Ballet Dance

Chinese Dance
Jazz Dance
Our advantage:
●  All classes are taught in Englis
●  Small group sizes
●  Foreign professional

The new classes schedule:
June 28th to August 30th, 2014 China Dance, Ballet, Jazz 20 45 minutes
September 6th to December 20th, 2014 Ballet, Jazz 32 45 minutes
September 2014 to June 2015 China Dance 64 45 minutes

  Saturday Sunday
09:30-11:00 China Dance  
11:15-12:45 Ballet Jazz